Black Greyface Dartmoor Rug


Boasting the same luxurious quality as our natural cream Greyface Dartmoor sheepskins, these rugs have simply been dyed black to suit a wider range of interior styles. The black dye gives the sheepskins a glossy, chic look. Greyface Dartmoor rugs tend to be larger than the Whiteface Dartmoor skins and have the most unique look with their extremely shaggy fleece.


Dartmoor sheepskin rugs were traditionally used by Her Majesty's Royal Household Cavalry to sit under the horse’s saddles. They were always dyed black to hide the dirt and match the cavalry's attire. They use longwool sheepskins because they last up to 10 times longer than other British or imported sheepskins. 


All our luxurious sheepskins are from our own native Dartmoor flocks. No two sheepskins are the same as they vary in length, texture and degree of curl. Our sheep have been bred to withstand the wild Dartmoor landscape and therefore our sheepskins are immensely durable.


Our sheepskins are expertly tanned in Britain’s oldest tannery, located on the edge of Dartmoor.


*Please note that all our sheepskins are an entirely natural product and will vary slightly in size, shape, colouring and staple.



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