Gotland Sheepskin Rug

Gotland Sheepskin Rug


Gotland sheep are a Swedish breed from the Island of Gotland. Their sheepskins are prized worldwide for their quality, softness and colour. They are commonly regarded as the most luxurious sheepskin rug in world. Usually in a shades of grey, white and black they can also appear in tones of brown. 


Almost all Gotland sheepskin rugs sold in the UK are imported from Sweden, however, in 2018 we purchased a few Gotland ewes and a ram to join our flocks on Dartmoor. Since then we have grown our numbers and are now able to produce our own Gotland sheepskins from our own sheep (all as a bi-product of lamb/hogget production). This makes our Gotland rugs highly sustainable as they are tanned on Dartmoor in Britain's oldest tannery just a few short miles from where our sheep graze. 


However, as these Gotlands are from our own sheep they are truly limited edition, especially whilst we grow our flock. 


Size - Approx. 85 x 74cm


Please note, that as a completely natural product, if you purchase one of these sheepskins, it will differ slightly in its patterns, colours, markings and size.