Half Mutton Box

Half Mutton Box


Mutton is sadly almost a lost delicacy in Britain, though it used to once be a staple of our diets. In fact in the Victorian era a good piece of mutton was a common sight and, in many instances, even more popular than beef.


Mutton is the meat of an older sheep, usually aged between two and five years. Being a matured meat it boasts a real depth of flavour. We only create hogget (lambs in their second year) and mutton as we believe it to be far more sustainable. All our sheep are 100% grass fed and therefore grow slowly at their own pace.

It really is a fantastic meat and far richer than lamb. Mutton is best cooked slowly and therefore is great in stews, casseroles, pies, curries and for slow roasted joints.


1 x Pack of Mutton Mince
2 x Pack of Diced Mutton
2 x Half Leg Roasting Joints
8 x Mutton Chops
10 x Mutton Sausages


We offer chilled, fresh meat delivery throughout the UK mainland or click and collect for customers local to Chagford, Dartmoor. 


*Please note delivery can take up to 5 weeks from the time of ordering as all meat is sent fresh not frozen and we select to order. This means your order can then be frozen once you've recieve it.