We are passionate about farming our flocks in an ethical and sustainable way. We shun the use of pesticides, fertilizers and chemical inputs in favour of a holistic farming approach. Instead of fighting nature we see our sheep as part of the wider Dartmoor ecosystem, playing a key role in regenerating topsoil, increasing biodiversity and enhancing the habitats around them. 


We farm to organic principles and are members of the Pasture for Life association and all our sheep are 100% pasture fed. Unlike most flocks we never use any supplementary feed. Feed is often made from imported cereals and soya that have grown from the result of deforestation or on land that could have been used to grow much needed crops for human consumption. By only grazing local Dartmoor pasture our sheep are healthier, happier and grow naturally at their own pace without negatively impacting the environment. 

Our commitment to the environment has recently led us to reinstate hedgerows across our land that were ripped out in the 1900s during the post war industrialisation of agriculture. Reinstating these hedgerows on our land is not only benefitting the wildlife and creating habitat corridors but is also helping us on our mission to holistically graze our sheep. We have reseeded many of our fields with herbal leys to give our sheep a more balanced diet. These herbal leys also help to improve the diversity on our land to benefit the wildlife. We are also in the process of creating wild flower meadows and are already housing beehives on our land. This year we are also planting out an orchard and adding in land trees to our fields to help with soil erosion and to provide our sheep with more shade is the warmer months. 


When you shop with The Dartmoor Shepherd you are not only supporting native rare breed sheep but you are also supporting us in our mission to farm regeneratively and restore habitats on our land. You can find out more about our wildlife projects on our blog.