*Please note: When ordering any meat via the website it may take up to three weeks for your lamb to be delivered as all our lamb is fresh not frozen. 

Our Dartmoor Hogget

Gourmet, Ethical, Slow Grown

We are the last shepherds to keep all three of Dartmoor's native, ancient breeds commercially. All our sheep are 100% pasture fed and graze the rugged Dartmoor landscape they were built to thrive on. Unlike almost all shepherds these days who farm modern, commercial breeds for the fast paced meat industry, we are passionate about keeping these traditional breeds on the hills they were designed to graze. Dartmoor lamb from Dartmoor.

All our lamb is slow grown. This means our lambs enjoy a longer life span than the lambs bred for the commercial meat industry which means they are technically classed as 'hogget'. We believe that allowing our lambs to grow naturally not only improves their welfare but creates beautifully mature meat with a real depth of flavour. All our lamb is delivered fresh not frozen so our lambs are given the longest amount of time in the field rather than sitting around in a freezer waiting to be purchased. These days you tend to hear a lot of meat producers boasting about how long their lamb has been hung for, supposedly ‘maturing’ on the butchers hook. We believe flavour should be created naturally on the hoof, not the butcher’s hook.

We are passionate about farming in harmony with nature. The carbon footprint of 100% pasture fed animals is significantly lower than that of farms where imported cereal crops and soya are grown to feed animals.


We never use artificial fertilisers or pesticides on our land. Grassland helps capture and store carbon so less is released into the air to harm the atmosphere. Grazing animals return nutrients and organic matter back to the ground as they deposit their dung, ensuring the soil remains healthy and fertile. Our fields contain a variety of plant species, including herbs, wildflowers and clovers which provide a healthy diet for our sheep – rich in essential vitamins and minerals drawn up from the soil below. They also support a diverse range of wildlife. Our slow growing lambs graze the traditional pastures of Dartmoor and mature gradually which enhances their gourmet flavour as they develop a healthy, marbling of subtle fat throughout the meat. This natural fat gently melts when cooked, infusing the meat with a succulence and depth of flavour second to none. Our lamb is sold to select, high end local outlets and through our lamb box delivery service that offers fresh, UK, postage using wool cool packaging.  

Each whole lamb box consists of:

- 2 x Shoulder joints

- 2 x Leg joints